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    Are you a "revolutionary"? Are you passionate about issues of race and social justice, and also curious about faith? Jesus for Revolutionaries is for you! This book by UCLA Professor, and Pastor, Robert Chao Romero, is an introduction to race, social justice, and Christianity for activists.

    Topics of examination include: a biblical framework for diversity, race, and gender; mixed race issues; undocumented immigration; affirmative action; politics and faith; the history of Christian social justice; and, Christian community development and organizing.


  • About Us

    The Jesus for Revolutionaries Blog is a ministry of Christian Students of Conscience. C.S.C. is a grass-roots organization (with a small budget, but a big heart) which trains and mobilizes students in issues of race and social justice from a Christian perspective. The mission of C.S.C. is to launch organic, grass-roots movements of faith and social justice on college and university campuses throughout the United States. C.S.C. has been working with student revolutionaries since 2006.

    Another goal of C.S.C. is to create a community for student revolutionaries who are passionate about issues of race and justice, but who don’t fit it traditional Christian campus groups. We want to create a space where Che’ or Malcolm X would have felt at home if they were students, and we never want it to be said that Christians don't care about the important social issues of our day.

    Wanna start a branch of C.S.C. on your college campus? Contact Robert! robertchaoromero@gmail.com

    C.S.C. is co-directed by Robert Chao Romero and his revolutionary wife Erica Shepler Romero. Before launching C.S.C., Erica lived in South L.A. for 15 years working with inner city churches and urban youth.