Do you have bigger questions about faith? Here are links to some podcasts, YouTube videos, and more!

Who is Jesus?

Check out these podcasts by Central American pastor, Erwin McManus! ( 48, 90-92)  Erwin is from El Salvador and one of the most dynamic Christian speakers in the U.S. 48,90-9

Is the Bible reliable?

Check out these talks by Erwin McManus and the Veritas Forum! The VF is an awesome event held on college and university campuses throughout the world…

Does God exist?

Here are some great answers to this age-old question by an African American website called, “da real truth,” and from the Veritas Forum…

Where is God in suffering?                                                                                                                                   

Was Jesus white?

Is science compatible with faith?

Jesus and world religions.

Checkout these great podcasts from Erwin McManus (110-113)