Robert Chao Romero is a UCLA Professor and Pastor.

Robert is an Associate Professor of Chicana/o Studies and Asian American Studies at UCLA. He received his Ph.D. in Latin American history from UCLA and J.D. (law degree) from U.C. Berkeley.  He’s also an attorney. His book, The Chinese in Mexico, 1882-1940, received the Latin@ Studies Section Book Award from the Latin American Studies Association, and was recognized in Critical Mass:  The Blog of the National Book Critics Circle Board of Directors, as one of the top ten small press books published in the United States in 2010.  You can read more about The Chinese in Mexico here:

As pastor, Robert co-directs the ministry of Christian Students of Conscience together with his revolutionary wife Erica Shepler Romero. C.S.C. is a grass-roots organization (with a small budget, but a big heart) which trains and mobilizes students in issues of race and social justice from a Christian perspective.  The goal of C.S.C. is to launch grass-roots movements of faith and social justice on college and university campuses throughout the United States.  C.S.C. has been working with student revolutionaries since 2006.

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